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2022 Qatar World Cup Al Rayyan Stadium - The first module of steel structure is installed smoothly



( Crawler Crane 1250t )

Qatar Al Rayyan Stadium(Hereinafter referred to as QARS)’s project site sent the latest news: After a few days of continuous preparation, the first module of steel structure was installed smoothly on the morning of April 26 in local time.

(  Meeting on Construction Site )

Al Rayyan Stadium is one of the main venues of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, As a world-class competition venues, The owners, the general contractor and other parties have given a high degree of attention to the implementation of the project.

( Module Detail )


( Support Detail )

In order to make sure the hoisting of April 26 can be carried out smoothly, Ground Chen, general manager of the company went to Doha, led the team for more than 20 days at project site.


( First Module is Installed Smoothly )

In order to witness this important moment, nearly thousands of people stop for watching hoisting operations, including the employer, the main contractor, workers. With the crisp sound of a collision between steel, 1250T Heavy crawler Crane as scheduled lifting, the first module of steel structure (146t@53m working radius) was installed smoothly, the whole hoisting process in the open construction site appears particularly magnificent.

The perfect operation gained satisfaction from the owner. Another 23 similar modules would be installed shortly afterwards.

( Photo of Dr.Chen and Owner & Management Company )

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