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Hebei Museum Steel Structure Project Completed


On May 8, the grand openning of Hebei Museum steel structure project completion ceremony  was held. The officials from Hebei municipal government like Zhang Lifang and the president of Jinggong Steel Building Group Sun Guanfu and the project team members attended the ceremony. The national press and local news media also witnessed the exciting scene.

Heibei Museum is No.1 typical project started up by provincial commonweal project management center. It is one of the largest and most advanced museums in the country in terms of facilities and functions. In the ceremony, the project manager Zheng Xuexiang made the presentation of the project in detail, and expressed appreciation to those who offered support in the  project construction.

Jinggong Steel completed the project in good quality despite of the tight duration, which was highly thought of by the Hebei municipal commonweal project management center.


May 9 ,2010

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