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Shaoxing County Stadium Retractable Roof System Has Been Put Into Debugging Stage


Another retractable roof system fabricated and installed by Jinggong steel has been put into debugging stage, which will be the largest retractable roof system stadium in China, with the area of 12350㎡,and the trolley system researched and developed by Jinggong steel provides effective guarantee for the retractable roof system in complex environment.

Retractable roof system is becoming more and more popular, as it is energy saving in reducing lighting and ventilation, and not influenced by bad weather to ensure the games go on smoothly.

Jinggong steel has become the leader of the domestic large-scale constructions of retractable roof stadiums, and it has built Nantong stadium, which is the first retractable roof stadium in China, Dongsheng stadium, Kunshan tennis stadium and other large retractable roof stadiums.


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Oct 25 ,2013

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