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Large-Scale Roofing Space Grid Structure Erected Successfully For GEELY Automotive Plant in Zhangjia


On Dec. 8th, 2015, the large-scale roofing space grid steel structure of GEELY Automotive plant in Zhangjiakou was successfully erected using jack lifting by JINGGONG STEEL.


Grid Structure of Assembly Workshop in Position

Located in Nanshan Economic development zone in Zhangjiakou, Henan, the total investment of Zhangjiakou GEELY Automotive Plant reached 5 billion Chinese Yuan, covering 148,500 square meters. The plant annual production capability of SC11 series vehicle will reach 120,000.

Grid Structure of Welding Workshop in Position

It's worth mentioning that the space grid structure of this project reached 133,500 square meters, and all welding ball diagonal – square pyramid space grid, which made it very hard to erect with lots of welding work on site. Considering the structure form, erection height and other problems on site, JINGGONG STEEL Project Dept adopted the method of lifting after ground assembly. The steel structure weighed over 860t and covered over 18000 square meters by single jack lifting.

The construction method not only increased the quality and decreased the erection schedule, but also reduced cost of erection.

Aerial View of Zhangjiakou GEELY Automotive Plant 



Dec 15, 2015

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