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Owners, Consultants and General Contractors of HKPCB Visited JINGGONG STEEL Factory for Inspection


During 4th to 5th of Dec, 2015, Mr. Bok Kwok Ming from Hong Kong Highways Dept, Mr. Bevis Mak and Darrel Kingan from consultancy AECOM and Mr. Lain Hubert from General Contractor CHUN WO JV,  Accompanied by Guodong Chen, General Manager of JINGGONG STEEL INTERNATIONAL and other managers, they viewed the pre-assembling of the first module for Hong Kong Passenger Clearance Building (HKPCB), Hong Kong- Zhuihai- Macao Bridge project.

JINGGONG STEEL is in charge of designing, raw material purchasing, fabrication, transportation and integrated assembling of steel structure for HKPCB, with total steel weight around 16,000t, divided into 45 standardized roofing units and 36 filling units.

HKPCB is the first public building adopting integrated assembly technology in the world. To ensure the success of assembling on the assembly site, JINGGONG STEEL arranged this pre-assembling of the first module in the factory. The size of the module reached 60mx16mx12m, and it successfully passed the inspection of the visitors after pre-assembling.

During the visit, Mr. Chen and manager of the factory introduced the details of JINGGONG STEEL worked for HKPCB. Owners, consultants and the general contractors for HKPCB were very satisfied and also spoke highly of JINGGONG STEEL's QA/QC and HSE management system.

Dec 17, 2015

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