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Saudi Makkah Railway Station Now Under Commissioning


Recently, the Haramain High Speed Rail project, the first high speed rail in Saudi Arabia, is under commissioning, including Makkah Railway Station, of which structural steel was undertaken by JINGGONG STEEL.

Saudi Haramain High Speed Rail connects Saudi‘s two holy cities, Makkah and Medina. JINGGONG STEEL is in charge of steel structure of Makkah Railway Station, services including connection design, shop drawing, raw material purchasing, fabrication and technical services on site.

The steel structure of Makkah Railway Station is divided into two parts, the Concourse and the Platform, both consisted of tree shape units. The concourse roof consists of 60 large tree shape units with 27m*27m*27m, the platform roof consists of 360 small tree shape units with 13.5m*13.5m*9m. The whole roof area is about 109,400m2, total steel weight is 15,300t.

Installation of Tree Shape Units

The complex structure not only generates technical difficulties, but also brings the need for high quality. Most of the structures are bending & twisting units, fabricated with EN standard. Welders and inspectors all have EN certificates. All the surfaces are treated by AESS with no defects, and the coating must be smooth and aesthetic.

Surface Treatment Meets The Reqiurement of AESS

During construction, difficulties like trial assembly of huge structure in workshop, the accuracy for bolted connection, strict unit tolerance etc., have all been solved. The time schedule and perfect quality won high praise by project owner when completed. Makkah Railway Station is the first finished among all the stations, and JINGGONG STEEL is the only Chinese Company among all the structural steel solutions providers.

Trial Assembly in Workshop

As the oversea strategy keeps being executed, JINGGONG STEEL will provide more and more global clients with great products and services, and bring brighter future to steel structure industry.



Jun 6, 2016

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