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96% of Steel Structure of Pavilion C3&C4, 2017 ASTANA EXPO Completed by JINGGONG STEEL


Recently, 96% of the main steel structure of Pavilion C3&C4, 2017 ASTANA EXPO has been completed, closing the project to an end.

2017 ASTANA EXPO will be held in Astana, capital city of Kazakhstan, lasting from 10th, June to 10th, September, 2017, and more than 100 countries and over 10 international organizations will participate in this event. The planning area of the expo park is around 1,740,000㎡, with pavilion area 250,000㎡.

JINGGONG STEEL is responsible for the steel structure of Pavilion C3&C4. The two buildings will be used as pavilions during the event, with large-span steel structure. After the event they will be rebuilt and function as office buildings. JINGGONG STEEL is in charge of structure design, connection design, shop drawing, fabrication and erection of Pavilion C3&C4, total steel weight is 15,000t, and erection meets EN Standard.

All the materials are purchased in China, and all the columns, beams and trusses are fabricated and assembled within 12 meters in workshop, and then transported to Kazakhstan by train. The underground part of construction site is concrete structure, and the aboveground part is large-span frame structure. The roof is steel truss system, and the trusses form slope. Most of structures adopt high strength bolted connection, and the erection of bolts are checked and inspected by full-time managers to ensure the quality.

Full Bolted Connection

Beam Lifting

In order to complete the project in time, JINGGONG STEEL set up a scientific and comprehensive organization structure to control the construction, and also compiled executable time schedule to ensure the construction scheme. Currently except a connection bridge, the main structure has been completed, and the rest will be done by the end of August.

As an important country of China “One Belt, One Road” strategy, Kazakhstan has long been a part of JINGGONG STEEL’s oversea expansion. In Kazakhstan, JINGGONG has also undertaken Astana new International Airport, Hockey Hall and Schuchinsk Ski Jump Bridge, the high quality won great praise among CIS markets.

As the brand gains more and more influence in global market, JINGGONG STEEL will enhance technical advantages and develop oversea market furtherly, and will definitely create a brand new future for structural steel industry.


Jun 6, 2016

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