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China’s Top Expert Event in Steel Structure Industry Successfully Held In Shaoxing


On 10th October, the 2014-2015 Working Conference and Academic Discussion of Expert Committee was held in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. As the leading event in China’s steel structure industry every two years, it was hosted by China Steel Construction Society (CSCS) and undertaken by Jinggong Steel. Around 120 leading engineers and experts from universities, designing institutes and engineering companies attended this event.

During the event, Zhaoxin Hou, Chairman of CSCS, gave a brief presentation on the accomplishments of CSCS for the last two years, along with the working plan for the coming future. He welcomed those newly-joined members of the Expert Committee and awarded seven experts aged over 80 for their lifetime achievements in steel structure area.

Xu Wang, chief engineer and deputy general manager of Jinggong Steel International, shared her experience in oversea market during the convention. Since 2010, Jinggong Steel International has expanded its business out of China, and only after one year’s time Jinggong had accomplished projects not only in Asia, but also in Africa, South America and Australia. She emphasized the importance of technology, quality and risk management in engineering, which played a great role in Jinggong Steel International’s expansion in the global market and will definitely help its business further more.

After the main conference, attending experts visited Paojiang Export Base of Jinggong Steel. Guodong Chen, co-president of Jinggong Steel, briefed these experts with the main situation about this base and accompanied them to China’s largest retractable roof stadium, Shaoxing Stadium in Light Textile City. Witnessed by these experts, the roof of the stadium was opened and closed smoothly.

Ground Chen, co-president of JINGGONG STEEL introducing about the local export base.


Jinggong Steel, currently the only domestic retractable roof system solution provider in China, was fully responsible for the value engineering, fabrication, erection, commission of machine, control system and steel structure in this stadium project. The successful application of the technology in retractable roof system again was highly praised by these experts.

Shaoxing Stadium, Zhejiang, China


Dec 8, 2015

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