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Main Truss of Baraki Stadium Starts Hoisting High Quality and Standard Satisfy Project Owner


As one of JINGGONG STEEL's key projects in Africa, currently over 50% erection work of Baraki Stadium steel structure has been completed, and the hoisting of main trusses has started recently.

Baraki Stadium locates in Algiers, Algeria. It will have a capacity of 40,000 people with total area of 650,000㎡. It will become one of the largest stadiums in Algeria even North Africa. EPC general contractor of this project is China Railway Construction Engineering Group, and designing company is Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Ltd.

Baraki Stadium, Algiers, Algeria

JINGGONG STEEL is responsible for shop drawing, fabrication and erection of this project, with total steel weight of 7,000t. The project is space truss structure, maximum span of main truss is 200m, maximum height is 11m, maximum curve chord pipe section reaches D1300mm×45mm, and it's bidirectional curved gradient trapezoid pipe truss. Intersections of roof main truss are anchored on four concrete tower columns through huge hinged steel sliding bearings.

Trial Assembly in Workshop, Ensuring Assembling Accuracy

The undertaken of this project overcomes many difficulties: design, raw material and fabrication meet the requirements of CCTP and EN-EXC4; Curving and equal gap overhead connecting of large section bidirectional chord truss, connection design, huge hinged steel bearing design and the releasing of horizontal displacements along with construction progress, as well as strict welder test. Meanwhile, earthquakes happen frequently in this area, and rainy season lasts half year annually, both raise great challenges for erection work.

Ground Assembly of Main Truss

Main structures are assembled on ground before hoisting. Trusses are divided into 32 units and hoisted onto temporary supports by 650t crawler crane. Maximum weight of single unit reaches 144t.

Hoisting of Main Truss

Relying on rich experience in large span space structure projects fabrication and erection, along with quantities of force analysis and strict fabrication quality management, JINGGONG solved the problems of high precision overhead connection and erection safety of earthquake area. To improve structure appearance and corrosion proofing of welding joints, JINGGONG adopted AESS highest quality standard, which got highly praised by project owner.

Weld Surface Meets AESS

Baraki Stadium project provides JINGGONG STEEL with the stage to demonstrate constructing capability and the chance to present China steel structure companies' excellent technology and quality. It also raised Chinese companies' market position in Africa and made contribution to "One Belt, One Road" strategy.




Jun 20, 2016

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