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Auckland 53F Seascape Tower Project Contract Signing, Start Fabrication


Recently, Jinggong International Co. Ltd has signed a CIF contract of Seascape Tower Project with Auckland general contractor. To assist the site construction of the basement,the project now entered the processing and fabricating phase of the supporting part of the foundation pit’s steel structure.

The project is located in New Zealand's largest city of Auckland, which is currently the tallest apartment building approved to start construction in New Zealand , Jinggong International also made its debut of market in New Zealand.

Project from raw materials’ technical standards, steel production and testing to Jinggong’s processing, inspection and other sectors, must strictly implement the New Zealand standards, the local strict access system adds one more barrier to stop the entry of Chinese enterprises.

Under the general contractor’s support, Jinggong International Co.Ltd started to lay out the preparation works at the beginning of the project bidding and set up Jinggong Steel New Zealand Co., Ltd. to obtain the qualification for the suppliers' access and PS3 files of fabrication and processing, PS4 files of end products (Producer Statement shorts for PS).

The overall project is a steel frame with exposed steel bracing structure. The structure takes full bolted connection.The number of bolts is up to 90,000 pieces. The node form, especially exposed K-shaped and X-shaped nodes is complicated, and AESS also asks for high demand.

(K-shaped and X-shaped joints)

Aesthetics defines a small pitch arrangement for the complex bolted nodes.M80 10.9 Grade bolt which is nearly 1-meter-long can only be screwed using a special tool, these features are achieved through repeated discussion with the designers. In addition, the project is close to the sea, and the atmospheric corrosion environment reaches the highest C5M level. Therefore, more stringent requirements are also posed to the anti-corrosion system.

It’s the first order for Jinggong International to enter New Zealand market. In the face of unknown challenges, only by breaking through technical and administrative barriers and earnestly implementing projects will it be possible to gain a foothold in the local market and further explore the New Zealand market which is increasingly invested in and built.


Nov 1, 2017


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